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Harnesses, Adapters, Electrical Testers,
Attachment Control Box

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Custom Made Harnesses and Adapters

Harness or Joystick Controllers Available to Run Any Bobcat Implement From Any Machine -Remote controls also available

Bobcat 7 pin

Are you looking for an adaptor from your machine to a 7 pin Bobcat Implement connector? It's not going to happen - at least not easily. The Bobcat 7 pin connector is computer/CAN system controlled from the Bobcat using the high and low CAN signals to run solenoids on the hydraulic valves. We have the answers with many different harnesses and machine controllers that we manufacture.

Here's what you'll need: 
-A different harness added for each implement you'd like to run. 
-You'll need to unplug the 7 pin harness and plug in ours to your solenoids at the hydraulic valve.  They are in sets of 2 double-stacked per hydraulic cylinder of implement. 
-You will have from 2 to 7 solenoids depending on the implement.  The brooms have 2 solenoids up to 7 solenoids on stump grinders and asphalt mills.
-Harnesses can be built in T'd fashion so that both the 7 pin harness and the added harness would both function on the implement.

Then we'll need to address your machine needs:  Does it have an electrical package with 8 pin or 14 pin or no electrical auxiliary functions?

We have Skid Steer Heaters and Joysticks,  harnesses, joystick controllers and added switch kits for your machine needs to run Bobcat implements.
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Run Bobcat's 4 function implements including snow blower, backhoe, blades, brooms, etc. on Cat & ASV

Run SG16B Cat stump grinder from Bobcat & other machines with control box.  Some boxes available with joy stick control or rocker switches

Run asphalt grinders from various machines

Bobcat Attachment Controller - Four Function Joysticks (Can add one rocker switch for 6 function)

Bobcat, Case, Cat Auxiliary Electrical Tester

Connects to 14-Pin or 8-Pin accessory connector on front of machine.  When switches are operated from the cab, lights illuminate to indicate which pins are powered.  Makes this traditionally two-man task a one-man operation.

Bobcat Attachment Controller

-Runs new attachments on old machines or on machine without 7-Pin or 14-Pin auxilliary electric

-For use on brooms, sweepers, SG
series stump grinders, etc.

-Snow blower harnesses available

​-Available in 2 function to eight function. For graders, stump and asphalt grinders

Run Bobcat Stump Grinder or Asphalt
Mills from D-Series Cat

-Operates 6-functions from Cat D-Series with 4 buttons on the joysticks

Cat D-Series 14 Pin Tester and 2 High Flows can be activated for testing.

-Tests auxillary functions/switches

-Also can activate the two high flows for testing

-Makes this a one-man, quick operation

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